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Motherhood created the necessity.


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case, motherhood made this invention necessary!

As a practicing attorney and mother of two, my mornings were, put mildly, frantic.  It seemed no matter how early I woke up I was always time-crunched.  Instead of starting my mornings with a yoga class or quiet cup of coffee, I usually started them by answering emails, dishing out bowls of cereal, and searching desperately for everyone’s shoes.  Mine included.  Racing out the door to make it to work on time, I’d give a longing glance to my bathroom vanity.  I just didn’t have time for beauty.  I’m sure you know how this feels.

On the mornings I did have time, I noticed my entire day went much more smoothly.  No toddler tantrum or workplace worry could phase me.  There is, simply put, magic to beauty.  The time you spend in self-care is magic, and practicing self-care helps put you in the right mindset for your day.  The self-confidence you feel when you beautify is magic, as are the autonomy and creativity beauty allows you to enjoy.  And the way communities are built around beauty is truly magic.  As the granddaughter of a beautician, this was something I learned early.  Beauty is uplifting and helps form bonds that transcend barriers of language, age, and politics.

Adiya Dixon Wiggins