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children’s fashion, Harem Pants, leggings for girls, high neck sweater, sequin pants for kids, sequin blazer for kids.
Welcome to Neon Kisses Playground! Where we create/ design colorful, fun, and exciting clothes and custom-designed sneakers, for your little princesses and divas. Our products are designed for your child’s excitement! It’s something that they get excited about having/wearing! It’s a great gift! People are wowed when they see your girl at parties and events! Birthday girls are well pleased, and receive compliments all day when styled in NeOn KiSsEs!
Neon Kisses offers modern, hip clothing for kids, tweens, and adults. It combines a vibrant, fun city vibe with that added hipster appeal, featuring—you guessed it—neon accents! You’ll find flouncy skirts with graphic prints for girls, bold leggings, sports-inspired gear, whimsical accessories, and more.