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Baskets By Reshanda Claimed

Best Made Memories, Are Made With Love

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Baskets By Reshanda is a family business started from Love… Reshanda is a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister and a child of God. She enjoys doing more for others, her gifts and her passion for children and teens ignited Baskets By Reshanda.. through her own family and Nehemiah Church family she would create and give the gifts of love through Baskets… whatever they liked.. she would add to the Basket… form Socks to Soda, from Candy, Chocolates, Cookies and Popcorn.. whatever they liked she would add creativity, passion and love!!
Encouraged by her children, her husband and the church family, the decision was made to finally launch an online business… Easter Weekend, Baskets By Reshanda Took flight!!! Through Mother’s Day, a Pandemic, Graduation and Father’s day Business has NOT SLOWED DOWN… Custom and Pre-made, handmade Baskets for all occasions and any celebrations.
Today, after only One Year, Over 1,500 baskets have been created, delivered and sold with more than 750 repeat customers and growing!!!…..Baskets By Reshanda is 100% online business and offers Local Las Vegas and Henderson FREE Delivery.
Baskets By Reshanda is a business started in my home with my family, my continual love for my family and friends inspired me and encouraged me to get started….. one of the best gifts I believe you can give someone, would be one made by you!! Our Handmade baskets are custom designed and created with love, time is taken for each basket with real consideration and expectations for the recipient, the thoughts of their faces when the handmade gift is received.
Baskets By Reshanda are available for all occasions, both public and private…. our custom baskets are designed around your expectations, your direction and consideration for the recipients. Tell us what you like, allow us to design and present the perfect gift, for the perfect occasion, for your perfect loved ones in your life!!! We do it with Love, through Love for the ones we Love – Baskets By Reshanda