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We make all-natural gelatos and sorbets that are sweetened using organic date syrup and NO cane sugar, and now, we also have crepes and chocolate bars!
Amore Congelato specializes in gelato that is sweetened using dates, agave nectar, and coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. Our gelato is very nutritious, but most importantly, delicious.

The idea of Bon AppéSweet was founded in the frozen heart of a deployed mother.

I left my daughter for 13 months, just before her second birthday, and it devastated me. I spent my deployment thinking of a way that I would never have to leave her again. From my love for her, this company was born.

My daughter fell in love with ice cream after I made her an ice cream cookie cake for her birthday the day before I deployed. She ate a lot of ice cream while I was gone. Since she loved ice cream so much, I decided to make her an all-natural, nutritious ice cream (gelato) sweetened with fruits instead of cane sugar. And looking out for the planet that she will soon inherit, I made all of my gelato’s dairy-free, but don’t worry, you can’t tell by the flavor.