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 Benjamin Johnson’s NFT Loyalty Project Helps Small Businesses Retain Customers


 Benjamin Johnson is the creator of the NFT loyalty project, which helps small businesses retain their customer base.


The project is simple – businesses offer a unique NFT to customers for purchase, and customers can use those tokens to redeem rewards from the business.

NFTs provide a way for customers to financially benefit from the success of your brand.

This is an important step in building customer loyalty and preparing for a long-range relationship with your customers.


By providing value back to customers, you are increasing the chances that they will continue to do business with you now and into the future.


What other ways can you think of to reward your customers for their loyalty?

There are many loyalty programs available to small businesses and professionals.


These programs can be used to reward customers for their loyalty to the company.


To my knowledge no other loyalty program offers members NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, to track customer loyalty.


NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that can be used to represent assets that are not interchangeable.


This means that each NFT is unique and can be used to track specific customer loyalty information.


For small businesses and start-ups, using NFTs in a loyalty program can be a great way to reward customers and keep track of their loyalty.


NFTs offer a number of benefits over other types of loyalty programs, including the ability to track customer behavior and the flexibility to offer a wide range of rewards.


As a result, NFT-based loyalty programs can be an excellent way to build customer loyalty and grow a small business.


Benjamin Johnson

Businessman, author, marketing consultant


NFT Creator

Ben Johnson